Welcome To MyJourney Counselling

MyJourney Counselling is a mental health and well-being service dedicated to working with individuals, couples, and families. We connect with our clients to understand their circumstances, empathize with them, and, most importantly, support them in their healing journey. Everybody needs someone who can listen without judgement, accept them for who they are, and provide a safe space to explore their thoughts and feelings; we strive to fulfill this for you. We are committed to providing a warm and safe space as we discuss your reasons for accessing therapy. Our philosophy is that everyone, with the proper support, has the potential to find joy and live a fulfilling life.

What We Do

We are primarily focused on helping individuals, couples, and families cope with and overcome various issues in their lives. We assist them in their journey toward improved emotional and mental well-being. We provide support while guiding people on their path to healing and breakthroughs.

Begin the Healing

Free Consultation

This is a chance to ask any questions you may have about the therapy process and discuss your reasons for attending therapy. You also get the opportunity to connect with the therapist and see if it is a good therapeutic fit for you.

Initial Intake

As the first step of the journey, the intake process is about more than information gathering and sharing. The client intake process can propel the therapist and client toward positive mental health outcomes for those entering counselling.

Ongoing Support

We aim to help people feel deeply understood and supported. Our therapists help their clients find ways to work through issues they might be having and provide a space to talk through their problems

How Can We Help?

Every now and then, people go through overwhelming situations that can impact their mood and outlook on life. Some problems may feel impossible to handle on your own; we will navigate these challenging times with you and help to relieve your stressors.

Free 15 Min Consultation | Virtual Therapy Available
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